Swing trade stocks with our buy / sell trades shown below. Our trade signals are generated using forecasting with machine learning methods

Follow our track record here to get superior risk-adjusted returns compared to simply investing in the stock market index.

We realize there is no holy grail, and our investment advice is not perfect, but we have a history of generating 4% per month (50% per year) risk adjusted return on unleveraged capital.

A few past examples have been shown below


The red line is the path of the forecasted price of the stock while the green line is the path of the actual stock price. A buy or sell trading signal is generated when the green line crosses over the red line in either direction.

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Buy or Sell Trade signals for May, 2020



Date Buy or Sell Stock Name (Stock Ticker)
5/7/2020 Buy Walmart (WMT)
5/13/2020 Buy Target (TGT)
5/19/2020 Sell Walmart (WMT) for 10% profit in 12 days
5/18/2020 Buy Autodesk (ADSK)
5/28/2020 Sell Autodesk (ADSK) move from 183 to 202
5/19/2020 Buy Dollar General (DG) 178 to sell on EPS release for 183