We provide predictive modeling solutions to business problems using advanced machine learning models

We are specialists with years of experience in machine learning and deep learning.

We solve business problems using machine learning and deep learning.

Our predictive modeling solutions have covered a variety of problem domains, including:

  • information retrieval (search) and personalization supporting business websites
  • item recommendation systems for revenue lift on e-commerce websites
  • time series forecasting of business metrics
  • quantitative investment models for trend following and arbitrage
  • mapping business problems to pattern recognition using computer vision deep learning solutions
  • natural language processing of text across multiple areas

We provide consulting services in machine learning and deep learning.

Our services include data mining, predictive model design and implementation for large scale deployment.

We use technologies such as python, deep learning toolkits built using tensorflow, pytorch, Spark, R, etc.

Over the years, we have invested in developing proprietary toolkits of code that enables us to implement rapidly solutions to your machine learning problem.

Forecasting Solutions
Predictive models using time series analyses
Natural Language Processing Solutions
Predictive models for text processing, natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU)
Computer Vision Solutions
Predictive models for image processing or computer vision